It's been a year, and then some

As I sit down to write this, it's hard to wrap my mind around the last year and change. From a kitchen table full of excited talk about what could be, through a furiously fun build out, to an incredibly warm reception that hasn't ceased, there are a stream of memories, friends, and delicious experiences that have been woven into our lives. The Whistle Punk is now over a year old, and has already grown into something brighter and more significant than I think any of the four of us had imagined. Here are a few fun facts and figures from our first year, because who doesn't like data? So in the last year we have:

-Poured over 130 unique beers on our 7 tap system, that's over 2.5 new beers each week!

-Served more than 10,000 cups of coffee

-Hosted over 50 community events

-Generated over $2,000 in donations through our Good Pours program to area non-profit organizations

-Made at least 5 new friends (ok, maybe a few more than that)

-Had some freaking awesome times

Numbers are all well and good, but behind all of those numbers are endless stories, memories, and personal connections that are worth more than anything else. Our dream with The Whistle Punk is to be a place where people can come together. We are a place where old friends can find time to catch up, passerbys can find a warm welcome and a reason to explore our neat little town, those of us who are insanely busy can take a minute to decompress, social butterflies can find fellow partners in crime, and if you're bored, we usually have some really ridiculous conversations bubbling up, with some coffee or beer to wash them down.

As much as this post is an update and reflection, it is both a past and future thank you. Thank you to those who have been behind us since before there was even a shop to come visit, the amount of pure faith and support we have received is truly overwhelming. Thank you in advance to those who we have not met yet, that are willing to go out on a limb and believe that we just might be an awesome little oasis worth the visit.

We're just getting started here, and you can expect more events and creative opportunities in the future. There will also be more opportunities to try great beers and coffee from all around the world. Let's keep the ridiculous conversations and stories going too, we're weird like that. If you've got a great idea or pet project that you think we should host in the shop, let us know, maybe we can make something happen.


Ian FinchComment