Tap Spotlight: Southern Tier Tangier IPA

Early March here in Northern Wisconsin, you start to get the itch to be outside without boots on, and we begin to get antsy about fishing opener and the nice light refreshing beers that go with those toasty warm, sunny, summer days. Well it just so happens that the nice folks at Southern Tier Brewing in Upstate New York empathize with our plight and have whipped up a beer that will have you stripping down to your shorts and ready to hop in any unfrozen part of a lake (resist the urge!).

Tangier Session IPA is a pint of sunshine that will blast a citrusy hole right through your frozen, northern heart. This beer is hip on several levels. Of course, anything hoppy is the coolest, but some trends within the IPA category over the last several years have showcased "session strength" (from the British tradition of drinking pints on pints on pints) beers as well as citrus infused IPAs. Clocking in at 4.6% ABV and brewed with tangerine peel Tangier has both going on, making it totally the cats pajamas. Add in the Azacca hops and their juicy, melon-like character, and this beer hits a sweet spot for both hop lovers and citrus seekers. Light bodied, lip smacking, but with a snappy bitterness, one drink of this and you can tell that little groundhog where to stick his shadow, because spring is a comin'!

Fruit and spice in beer is nothing new, and Southern Tier knows it well. Perhaps you've heard of a little beer called Pumking, their legendary fall spiced behemoth. While we don't poo poo the addition of fruit to your beer, should you choose, we hip hip huzzah well brewed beers that color outside the lines with fruits, spice and everything nice. When it comes to bold and daring beers, we ain't scared to bring them to our charming little Stone Lake hamlet. What do you dare us to try next?